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Witnesses still alive today have information that can be useful. Here you can submit a tip anonymously. But it’s important you understand how this works. All tips received on this site may be used to develop information for publication. If you are submitting information, we will weigh the information for its credibility against other information we know about the case. We will not, however, divulge the name of anyone who leaves a tip, until or unless we follow up with that person and get their permission. We do ask that you leave your name and contact information so we can verify who you are and your credibility. Any tips left without a name attached will not be taken seriously unless they bolster another piece of information we attained separately and independently. 

The information we’ve come across while researching Mischelle’s murder has revealed as many questions as secrets. We still need help connecting some dots and filling some holes. Witnesses still alive today have information that can be useful. But many times witnesses are afraid to come forward with the truth out of personal fear of retaliation, potential legal consequences, or they might not trust law enforcement. 

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