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A murder. An exoneration. An investigation that defies logic. The Mischelle Lawless case, as never told before.

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A story of murder, injustice and secrets.

Mischelle Lawless Unsolved Murder

Angela Mischelle Lawless, a 19 year-old college nursing student, stopped on the side of an exit ramp of a Missouri interstate after midnight on Nov. 8, 1992. She was less than a mile from her home. She rolled her window halfway down, then exited her car in her sock feet. One hundred feet away, down the embankment, someone bashed her head, most likely with the butt of a gun. Mischelle, bleeding from her head, was carried to her car and placed in the driver’s seat, where she regained consciousness and was then shot three times. More than a year after her death, the wrong man was convicted for her murder and sentenced to 60 years. Josh Kezer, whose alibis placed him hundreds of miles away from the murder scene the night of the murder, was exonerated in 2009. Twenty-nine years after her death, Mischelle’s case is still unsolved, but suspects have been identified. New information has sparked renewed optimism that her killers may be held accountable. But can it be solved by a department that so badly botched the investigation from the outset? 

Josh Kezer exoneration


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Mischelle Lawless Murder

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Meet podcast host and author Bob Miller along with other Lawless Files team members and learn what drives them to continue digging into this case. 

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